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Dr Leyla Hussein

Dr. Leyla Hussein is a psychotherapist, specialising in supporting survivors of sexual abuse. She is an international lecturer on female genital mutilation (FGM) and acclaimed speaker on gender rights. She is recognised as one of the key experts on these issues globally and is a leading and award - winning international campaigner against all forms of violence against women and girls. Leyla founded the Dahlia Project and in 2020 she was elected as Rector of the University of St Andrews for a three-year term, making history as the first Black woman to hold the position.

View Dr Leyla Hussein's TED Talk Here

Professor Sir Ian L. Boyd

Professor Sir Ian Boyd is currently a professor at the University of St Andrews and Chair of the UK Research Integrity Office. He was Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government on Food and the Environment (2012-2019). He is a marine and polar scientist and previously served as the first Director of the Scottish Oceans Institute at St Andrews. He is a director of a number of trusts and companies.

View Professor Sir Ian L. Boyd's TED Talk Here


Emilia Van Hauen

Emilia is a cultural sociologist and marketing expert and one of Scandinavia's most sought-after keynote speakers and most quoted sociologists on the topic of current trends and social tendencies and phenomena. She is especially concerned about modern ways of life and social trends, with a particular focus on generations Y,Z, and Alpha and gender thematics. Emilia is also a board member in three companies, one being the Danish cultural institution Messecenter Hearing. She is also an ambassador for Girltalk, which is a humanitarian organization helping young girl. Finally, Emilia is a founding member of several networks that have a business or social mission.

View Emilia Van Hauen's TED Talk Here

James King

James King is a trusted advisor to elite and exclusive organisations around the world. He has counselled elite sports teams, specialist military units, and world leading financial institutions.

View James King's TED Talk Here


Caroline Ford

Caroline Ford is a British actress best known for her role as 'Sophie Longerbane' in Amazon's 'Carnival Row'. Caroline has also starred in the TIFF selected Australian comedy 'Nekrotronic', in the role of Molly, has played Sam in the series 'Free Rein' for Netflix, and 'Nimue' in ABC Studios 'Once Upon A Time'. Caroline always had an interest in acting and attended the Carol Kristian Theatre School from the age of four to eighteen for after school classes. From 2005 to 2009 Caroline studied at St Andrews University graduating with an MA in History of Art. In 2010 Caroline landed her first small role in Casualty and has gone on to star in a number of series and films since then. 

View Caroline Ford's TED Talk Here

Dr Rizwan Mustafa

Dr Rizwan Mustafa is the Director and Head of Research at Khal Marina. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Policing at the Staffordshire University and specialist consultant to the Countering Violent Extremism Unit in the Commonwealth. Rizwan has worked in the British Police Service, with INGO's, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and other public sector organisations. He is trained in classical Islam; completing hte dares nizam from a traditional seminary in Pakistan and is invited to speak at international Counter Terrorism conferences. Rizwan also advises governments on their national Counter Terrorism Strategies.

View Dr Rizwan Mustafa's TED Talk Here


Josh White

Josh White is co-founder of the innovative water brand, CanO Water. Following a trip to Thailand in 2014, he along with 2 other friends saw the problems caused by plastic pollution first hand, and have been on a mission ever since to educate people about the issues surrounding single use plastic. Josh is an entrepreneur as was recently named in Forbes 30 under 30.

View Josh White's TED Talk Here

Jack Malone - student speaker

Jack Malone is a 22 year old Scottish student studying neuroscience at St Andrews. He is from Edinburgh and is very interested in sport and spending time with friends.

View Jack Malone's TED Talk Here


Grace Taylor - student speaker

Grace is a third year International Relations and Social Anthropology student at St Andrews. She has been a part of a befrending scheme in the town for over 2 years and is passionate about the positive mental health effects of volunteering, as well as the benefits it can offer the local community.

View Grace Taylor's TED Talk Here

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