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“Riddle: A statement, question, or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.” Each speaker will put forth fresh and unique perspectives, perhaps posing questions or presenting solutions. Each talk, whether puzzling or persuading, is sure to instill inspiration in all in attendance.



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Chelsea is an activist, anti-racist consultant, and co-author of Brick by Brick: How We Build a World Without Prisons (Hajar Press 2021). She is a prison abolitionist, and a rebel political scientist who builds ideas & institutions to change the world.


Eleanor Duce is a writer and travel enthusiast. Especially dedicated to advocating for girls’ access to quality secondary education, she aspires to inspire others in their pursuit to unlock their potential! With an intellectual curiosity, love for languages and passion for engaging in intercultural dialogue, she believe that—through empathetic discourse, cultural awareness, and local knowledge—we can develop pragmatic solutions to nurture and empower truly compassionate, sustainable, and globally connected communities.

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Poojitha (Pooja) Tanjore is an international relations student, polyglot, and intercultural competency enthusiast at the University of St. Andrews. Having served as a Junior Ambassador for the United States to Germany, she has centered her career on female representation in politics and youth literacy. Having been featured in media from Scholastic Magazine to American news channels, Tanjore has had a six-year-long career as a public speaker, international summit chairwoman, presidential campaign organizer, and non-profit founder. After being offered a book deal at 19 years old, she took on the challenge of writing the fantasy novel Rules of the Red Book. She was signed with New Degree Press for the sequel of Rules of the Red Book, which will be published in late 2022.


Krish Joshi is a youth worker who has the best job in the world- they get to work with young people all across the UK delivering a peer-to-peer violence reduction programme for the charity StreetDoctors. Krish's interests lie in tying feminist practice into their everyday work, and by feminist practice Krish means working to create a world where every living being is free from oppression and free to live a life full of love and joy.

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Sophie Jama Malindi is an international keynote TEDx Speaker and women empowerment leader. After a 14 year career in the United Nations, Sophie began pursuing her individual calling: sharing her journey of being a young Ethiopian refugee, separated from her parents, integrating her own story within a narrative of change. Sophie aims to heal inter-generational wounds by speaking the ‘unspeakable’ and breaking the narrative of silence. Sophie has a broad experience in managing cause-driven programs for global humanitarian organizations. A motivating leader, she is passionate about creating a workplace culture where all team members have a voice, while championing impactful advocacy initiatives in the areas of women and youth empowerment. After spending a majority of her life feeling unseen and unheard, Sophie set up a company, TruVoice, a dedicated platform to amplifying voices of women and marginalized communities so that they are fully heard and seen as a fundamental human need.


Allie is a graduate from the University of Edinburgh, where she studied Chinese and Russian. She was adopted from China when she was 2 years old and has grown up with a very multicultural background. Campaigning in activism for the past 7 years, she has co-ordinated events such as the UN's 16 Days of Activism as in Edinburgh. Since 2019, she has co-founded a national antiracist movement called Racism Unmasked to help raise awareness about the rising hate crimes towards East and South East Asian people. She hopes to use this platform to speak about her experiences with international adoption, fighting against racism and the importance of finding your own individuality in a world that so often sees orphans as a statistic.

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Emma Carroll is a data scientist with a background in mapping and data analysis. Emma worked on creating the maps from June to September in 2019. These maps show the geographical location of Scottish accused witches places of residence among other pieces of interesting geographical information. The website has had over 300,000 website views and has produced new insight into the history of accused witches in Scotland. Emma now works as an energy consultant for a renewable energy software company, creating maps that provide insight into installing onsite renewables.

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