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TEDx Connected Event - FEBRUARY 23

The aim of this event is to connect students with professors who have a story to share about their work or personal experience in line with the TED motto of “ideas worth spreading”.

The title of the event was chosen to highlight the benefits of bringing people together to share their story as well as emphasising our aim to connect students of St Andrews with faculty. In a time where we increasingly feel isolated due to online learning and lockdowns, we hope that you will come away from our event with fresh ideas, challenged opinions, and most importantly a stronger connection to the St Andrews community.

Connected will bring together a variety of professors from different academic fields to deliver TED- like talks to a virtual audience followed by an interactive Q&A.



Dr Jasmine Gani

Dr Jasmine Gani is Senior Lecturer in the School of International Relations and Associate Director of the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of St Andrews. Her research, supervision, and teaching focus on the history of European and US empires in the Middle East and Asia; Ideologies and social movements in the Middle East; and anti-/decolonial political thoughts.


Charles Lovatt

Charles Lovatt is a lecturer in the School of Management. His career as an entrepreneur spanned three decades before retiring and joining the faculty of the University. He did his first start-up while an undergraduate at Dundee - installing audio and light systems in night clubs. After career progression and 15 years of working, he retired in 2002, went back to school for his MBA, and began teaching.


Dr Fergus Neville

Dr Fergus Neville is a lecturer in Organisational Studies in the School of Management at the University of St Andrews. His research examines group processes, including the roles of social identities and social norms in group influence and leadership. He is currently exploring how to harness group processes to facilitate the public response to COVID-19.


Professor Kathryn Margaret Rudy

Professor Kathryn Margaret Rudy is a manuscript historian at the University of St Andrews. She is best known for her forensic approach to medieval books, and has pioneered the use of the densitometer to measure the grime that original readers deposited in their books.

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