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TEDxTuesdays: Week 5

Welcome to academic week 5 and a very exciting TEDx Tuesday! Today we will be holding our event, TEDx Connected, live on Facebook and are looking forward to seeing all of you there! Tune in to the event on Facebook at 5pm GMT. If you would like to partake in the Question & Answer session with the professors following their talks, you must book a *free* ticket on FIXR. Click here!

Tuesday Talk: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas

Do you sometimes have your most creative ideas while folding laundry, washing dishes or doing nothing in particular? It's because when your body goes on autopilot, your brain gets busy forming new neural connections that connect ideas and solve problems. Learn to love being bored as Manoush Zomorodi explains the connection between spacing out and creativity. Zomorodi is the host of "TED Radio Hour," exploring fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions and new ways to think and create with the world's most remarkable minds. Watch the talk here.

Talk Synopses

Here is a little preview of what to expect at today's event! Scroll down for the schedule if a particular talk piques your interest.

TEDx Connected Schedule

Today! All times in GMT.

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