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TEDxTuesday: Week 6

We hope you enjoyed our first speaker event of the semester last Tuesday. If you missed it live, scroll down for details about how to watch it and stay tuned for announcements coming up regarding our main conference.

Read on for the Tuesday Talk, a bonus talk, and some updates!

If you were unable to make it to TEDx Connected last week, you can watch the recording here or find the playlist of individual talks here!

Tuesday Talk: How film transforms the way we see the world

The Golden Globe Awards were held this past Saturday, with a historical win for director Chloe Zhao and her film 'Nomadland'. Zhao became the first Asian woman to win the award for best director, inspiring many and proving the power of representation in film. This week's Tuesday Talk is by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, another inspiring female film director and Academy Award-winner. In 'How film transforms the way we see the world,' Obaid-Chinoy shares how film can change the way we think about ourselves and culture. In her documentaries, Obaid-Chinoy uses the power of film to fight violence against women and alter dynamics between women, men and society. Watch the talk here.

Bonus Talk!

Tomorrow, March 3, is World Wildlife Day! Click here for the TED Talk, 'How community-led conservation can save wildlife.' Moreangels Mbizah, founder of Wildlife Conservation Action, shares about the state of conservation in her home of Zimbabwe and why she thinks communities living with wildlife are the ones best positioned to help them.

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