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TEDxTuesday Week 11

Welcome to Week 11!

As the final academic week of the semester goes by we encourage you to ask yourselves, 'what am I grateful for?' The TEDxTeam is grateful for all of you for sticking with us all semester and being an integral part of the TEDxStAndrews community. Thank you for reading, engaging with our socials, and sharing ideas within our community. We wish you all the best during revision, exams, and the holidays! Scroll down for talks about U.S. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and some updates from us at TEDxSTA.

Give Thanks

In honor of American Thanksgiving on Thursday, we share with you this playlist of TED Talks to inspire gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for and in these times it is crucial to consider and share our appreciation for things big and small. We hope you can take time this week to reflect on what you are thankful for. Click here for the playlist. This Thanksgiving we also encourage you to watch this talk by Farish Ahmad-Noor entitled, 'Why is colonialism (still) romantisized?' In celebrating this holiday, it is vital consider its history and origins. Lingering toxic storylines and sterotypes surround this American holiday and romantisize its undeniable roots in colonialism and the oppression of Indigenous Peoples. More resources on de-colonizing Thanksgiving are available from the ACLU here. During Thanksgiving, it is important to acknowledge and learn from the past and look to the future to celebrate values that are special to everyone: gratitude, togetherness, and generosity. Happy Thanksgiving!

Talks to Watch Instead of Shopping

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, a holiday recognized in over 20 states, but celebrated by retailers and shoppers at the national and international level. This TED Talk playlist is here to say: forget about Black Friday. Step away from the mall and watch these talks on consumerism...and why it may not always be the best thing. Click here for the playlist.

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