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TEDx Tuesdays: Welcome Back!

Welcome back to TEDx Tuesdays

It is the first academic week of the new term and we would like to welcome you back to TEDx Tuesdays! We hope you had a safe and nice break. Read on for our Tuesday Talk and information about our first (virtual) event of the new term. It's an exciting one -- you won't want to miss it!

Did you miss our weekly talks?

This week's talk is entitled, 'Why the secret to success is setting the right goals.' For a new year and a new term, this practical talk shows us how we can get back on track with "Objectives and Key Results," or OKRs. This is a goal-setting system that's been employed by the likes of Google, Intel and Bono to set and execute bold goals and inform success or failure. The talk touches on how this comes into play with leaders and institutions and how it can not only help in holding ourselves accountable, but doing the same for those in power. Watch the talk here and consider setting goals for success in anticipation of Academic Week 1!

Connected: A TEDx Mini Speaker Event

While things may be looking a little different lately, TEDxUniversityofStAndrews is still committed to upholding the TED mission: ideas worth spreading. On February 23d, we will be holding an online event highlighting professors within our very own community. 'Connected' aims to bring people together and foster a connection between professors and students. In a time of increased feelings of isolation from online learning and lockdown, we hope that you will come away from the event with fresh ideas, challenged opinions, and most importantly a stronger connection to the St Andrews community. Stay tuned for more details and speaker reveals in our newsletter and on our socials. In reference to our last newsletter of first term, this event has been changed to feature only professors in light of the new lockdown measures. We hope to bring forth student speaker opportunities in the future.

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