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TEDx Tuesday Week 9

Making Kindness Viral

In honor of World Kindness Day on Friday, this week's Tuesday Talk is 'Making Kindness Viral' by Orly Wahba. One kind act can have a ripple effect, and that is exactly the kind of change Orly Wahba wants to inspire with the organization that she started, Life Vest Inside. She discusses her “Act of Kindness” cards -- printed with good deeds to do and pass along. We get a peek at her film that paints an image of the world in the context of kindness and learn more about her organization and the motivation behind it. Lately it feels like the world could use a little extra kindness so we hope you are inspired to watch!

You can find the talk here.

Will you commit to completing an act of kindness this week? Pay someone a compliment or pickup a coffee for a friend. Whether it is a big or small act, you have the power to spread kindness and have a positive impact on someone.

Be Kind To Your Mind

"It’s our civic and human duty to care about what’s happening in the world, but we can’t be on duty 24/7," says psychologist Guy Winch. Feeling overwhelmed by the news cycle? Here are 3 tips on how to stay informed while also protecting your mental health (which includes knowing when to take a break!). Looking for more tips? Click the link below to watch Winch’s talk on how to practice emotional first aid while dealing with difficult emotions. Watch 'Why we all need to practice emotional first aid' here.

TED Try it!

TED is all about ideas worth spreading and turning these ideas into action. In this new feature of our newsletter, we share with you ideas that our team has gleaned from TED and felt inspired to try out -- and encourage you to try it along with us! This week, in addition to acts of kindness, we thought it would be valuable to be kind to our minds through meditation practice. Meditation can be daunting and many people feel that they can’t "clear" their minds. The good news is: You don’t have to! Mindfulness and meditation aren't about stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions or controlling your mind. Instead, "it's more about stepping back, seeing the thought clearly, witnessing emotions coming and going without judgment, but with a relaxed, focused mind," says the Headspace app co-founder and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe. More good news: You can start with just 10 minutes a day — no incense or sitting in uncomfortable positions required. Watch Andy's full talk on how to stay more present here.

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