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TEDx Tuesday Week 8

US 2020 Presidential Election

This week's talk is a playlist of TED talks on issues at stake in this year's election. This playlist will give you relevant information on why today's election is so important to the US, and what issues are influencing US voters. You can find the playlist here. If you are interested in staying up late to watch the election results, BBC will have live results online. On television it will be broadcast on BBC One, BBC News, and BBC iPlayer from 23:00 Tuesday night to 9:00 Wednesday morning. And if someone you know is in the United States and is voting today, be sure they visit so they are up to date and aware on where their polling place is, and any rules or restrictions specific to their state on casting their ballot.

TED Podcast

We know people are feeling a lot right now. A global pandemic, a tense election, and a stressful point in the semester, how do we cope with heightened emotions? Susan David, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, is here to offer us strategies. This podcast aims to be a support system, toolkit, and understanding voice during a time of great uncertainty.

Movember 2020

Movember is a month long charity event in which people grow mustaches to raise awareness for issues of men's health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide prevention, and mental health. Movember has a great turnout in St Andrews, and if you are interested in growing a mustache for a good cause, or in donating, you can find out more on Movember St Andrews Facebook page, or donate directly here.

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